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a collective kinda concept
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10th-Sep-2008 08:07 am - For a friend
Please... If you can't help this person please pass it on
A friend of a friend of ours who can't find housing, is in dire need. I mean dire. As in if he doesn't find reliable housing very soon he will have to go out and sleep in the streets. He and various friends of his have tried Craigslist and all they got was scammers. They have also tried shelters, shelter referal services, calling family, and nothing is working. This person is a transgender male in the SF bay area.

If none of you can help him, could you please please at the very least link this entry from your friends-pages and pass it on to the address books on your email services? I'd post it into my own address book but I have only two contacts who are both here too.

Thank you for all your help.

Copied from Rhymershouse
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